Jay Z's Illustrated 99 Problems Part II


We previously reported at the halfway stage of one man's epic quest to illustrate the 99 problems in Jay Z's life - and we're delighted (although, also, saddened) to announce that the end has been reached.

The second half of the set, designed by Ali Graham, saw more constant sources of irritation for Mr. Carter, involving baby problems, working with Justin Timberlake again, and the release of his Magna Carter Holy Grail album.

It really must be tough being a globally respected and successful businessman. But he just gets on with it anyway - what a trooper.

We've picked our favourite ten of the second half below - the highlights of the first instalment can be seen here.

If you're a fan of the images, and Money Ain't a Thang, you can buy limited edition, signed prints from here. Check out the whole lot here.