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Japanese Firm Insists Upon Similar Haircuts For Staff

If this is the future, we're not impressed

Japanese Firm Insists Upon Similar Haircuts For Staff

Although we all like to have the odd moan, chances are that our workplaces aren't that bad. We are assuming of course that you don't work in a sweatshop.

Our biggest complaint might be the lack of a two hour lunch-break on Fridays. Not that bad then really. It seems that, compared to some poor folk in Japan, we're spoilt rotten.

Maeda Corp, a Japanese construction firm, has insisted that its 2,700 staff all have identical haircuts: a short back and sides and slightly longer on top for the chaps, and a ‘cute’ bob that can be swept to one side for the ladies.

While they are suggesting such borderline fascistic methods are to preserve energy (shorter haircuts demand less water and less usage of hair dryers apparently), we have but one question: what about those men that are, well, follically challenged?

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