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Jamie Foxx unleashes BSB 'Brown Sugar Blended' whiskey

It's smokey, it's sweet, it's a blockbuster release

Jamie Foxx unleashes BSB 'Brown Sugar Blended' whiskey

You're probably more likely to associate Jamie Foxx with big screen smashes like Ray or Django Unchained than a sweet 'n' smokey whiskey - but that's all about to change.

The the Hollywood A-lister (and dram fan, apparently) has teamed up with spirits incubator WES Brands to launch his very own whiskey.

Introducing BSB Whiskey, a flavoured cinnamon blend that's short for 'Brown Sugar Blend'.

The phrase 'It does what it says on the tin' has never been more applicable, with warming hints of caramel and cinnamon shining through on this new release.
Two years in the making, this 70% ABV product - yes, you read that correctly - is as premium as they come where looks are concerned.

The bottle alone looks like a work of art, with its matte black bottle complete with glow-in-the-dark logo.

When it comes to the finer flavour details, BSB doesn't let us down either.

Combining the "aromatic spice of cinnamon with the rich, comforting sweetness of brown sugar,” this new release is set to be a crowd pleaser where the sweet toothed are concerned.

“As an avid whiskey drinker, owning a brand that is sippable and unlike any other has been a life goal of mine; with BSB, I’m finally making that happen,” said Foxx.
“BSB is an ode to my personal philosophy – it’s about bringing people together to celebrate life and have fun.”

Jamie Foxx unleashes BSB 'Brown Sugar Blended' whiskey

And sip it we shall, with this spicey offering latching onto a recent trend for flavoured whiskies - particularly where the US market is concerned.

“Last year was a record year for flavoured whiskies. US depletions reached 18.25 million cases in 2023, up from 14 million cases in 2019*,” said Lauren Kiyak, senior vice president of marketing at WES Brands.
Blended and bottled in Columbia, Tennessee, BSB Whiskey is accompanied by a surprisingly affordable price tag when you take into account the celebrity whiskey market.
If you don't believe us, check this $24.99 (under £20) price tag out for size.

If the WES name rings a bell, it might just be because the company's portfolio also includes other celebrity whiskey releases, including Mark Wahlberg’s Flecha Azul tequila, Michael Bublé’s Fraser & Thompson whiskey, and Aspen vodka to name but a few.

“I’m excited for people to get their hands on this whiskey because it really is a game changer,” Foxx told Forbes this week.
“For me, being able to create a brand that brings people together to celebrate life and have fun was the ultimate goal. What more could I ask for?
"BSB Whiskey far exceeds my expectations. And thanks to WES Brands, I’ve been able to make that long-awaited dream a reality.”

You can grab yourself a bottle of Foxx's BSB Whiskey now.