James Corden gets drawn into the Taylor Swift and Kanye recording feud


Being friends with all of the stars can result in tricky situations when you're caught in the middle of a petty squabble.

It's a cross that poor James Corden has had to bear, as he gets caught up in the crossfire of the current controversy between Kanye West and Taylor Swift, fuelled by Kim Kardashian's Snapchat over whether she did or did not give permission for him to refer to her (in rather derogatory terms) in his song Famous. Some even believe that the whole thing is, and continues to be, a giant publicity stunt.

Now, Corden has released hilarious new 'footage' of him chatting away with his old pal Yeezus about the incident, before realising that Kanye has been taping their discussion as well. Poor James, he's only trying to help smooth things over you know? Why can't we all just be friends?