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Jamal Edwards' Train Delay Playlist

The SB.TV founder loves heist films and Chelsea FC apps

Jamal Edwards' Train Delay Playlist
12 December 2018

MUSIC: Octavian, ‘Spaceman’

“He sent me a track a few years ago and I’ve been locked in since then. It’s mainly rap, but the sound is a proper different sound. It’s a consistent sound that I really like. I listen to it on the go. One of my favourite songs of his is a track called ‘Revenge’. I mainly listen to tracks rather than whole albums.”

FILM: Den of Thieves

“I watch a lot of films. I look at the reviews online. The reviews weren’t that great for this, but I’m a massive fan of Gerard Butler and 50 Cent, so I thought, ‘Let me just give it a go.’ 

“There’s a guy that is the leader of a gang of ex-army men who use their skills to break into banks. They find another group of guys who are police but they don’t play by the book. They come up with a plan – one of the biggest heists of their career, pretty much an impossible heist – and it’s a cat-and-mouse game. The thing I like about it is there’s a massive twist at the end.”

TV SHOW: 13 Reasons Why

“It’s about a girl that kills herself and there are 13 tapes that explain the reasons why she did it: bullying and stuff that people go through in high school. I found it quite deep – it made me think about life, and the stuff that people do that can affect others in ways that you might not necessarily know affects them.”

PODCAST: Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place

“She has a really honest chat. The thing I like about this podcast is that she’ll have well-known guests on there, but at the same time she’ll often have someone who isn’t in the public eye.”

BOOK: Brutally Honest by Mel B

“When I was watching her on TV, I didn’t know she was going through all this. Her story, her upbringing, is inspiring. She reminds me of my mum as well. She’s still here today, and that’s what I respect. Regardless of what’s happened to her, she’s still here, strong, getting on with it.”

APP: The 5th Stand

“It’s a Chelsea [Football Club] app. I could get lost in there forever. I’m a Blues fan.”

Jamal Edwards is an ambassador for the new Huawei Mate20 lite. Find out more here.

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