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Jackie Chan is still an absolute machine even though he’s 64 years old

The 'Rush Hour' star is back at it in a new trailer

Jackie Chan is still an absolute machine even though he’s 64 years old
Tom Victor
18 May 2018

OK, don’t take this the wrong way, but Jackie Chan could definitely beat you up.

I know, I know, he’s 64 and you’re – well, odds are you’re younger than that. Don’t let that fool you, though. The Rush Hour star could absolutely, easily, take you in a fight.

Want proof? The trailer for one of his most recent films should be enough to convince you.

It might be 20 years since Chan was first on the big screen alongside Chris Tucker (yes, yes, we’re all making the slow and inexorable march towards our deaths), but he’s still making movies.

He hasn’t gone down the prestige route, or the comedy route, or the Robert de Niro trademark of choosing between comedy and prestige almost at random. Nope, Chan’s still an action star at 64, and that requires him to be in pretty good shape.

His latest project, Bleeding Steel, came out in China late last year and has been given a new trailer ahead of a release in the US market. And yes, he’s not stopped Jackie Channing his way through it all.

If you thought a man in his mid-60s would be incapable of scaling walls and kicking ass, you’ve underestimated Chan.

In his role as police officer Lin Dong, he performs the sort of moves that would leave us gasping for breath – he’s been doing this for decades, and it’s clear he has no plans to slow down.

For many, though, Bleeding Steel is just the appetiser ahead of Rush Hour 4.

That’s right, Chan confirmed he was on board and it didn’t take long for Tucker to follow suit, and the sequel is expected to come out before the end of 2019. See you down the front for that one then.

(Images: YouTube/Lionsgate/Getty)