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Jack Daniel's teams up with McLaren Formula 1 for a limited edition whiskey release

Drivers be warned, one glance at this bottle could push you over the limit

Jack Daniel's teams up with McLaren Formula 1 for a limited edition whiskey release
Danielle de Wolfe
02 August 2023

Jack Daniel's has announced a brand new limited edition release, joining forces with British Formula 1 team McLaren to produce one impeccable looking bottle of whiskey.

Normally drinking and driving are two concepts best kept separate, however on this occasion, we're inclined to make an exception.

A sleek looking collab, each limited edition box bears the logo McL X JD 2023 and comes in a fetching two-tone orange and black colour scheme.

According to the Jack Daniel's site, the partnership looks to celebrate "Mr. Jack Daniel himself and Bruce McLaren".

Part of a multi-year partnership announced by the pair, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is now the Official Partner of the McLaren Formula 1 Team from 2023.

It marks Jack Daniel’s first venture into the world of Formula 1, it's the latest US brand to jump aboard the F1 sporting train following a boom in the sport's popularity across the US.

Jack Daniel's teams up with McLaren Formula 1 for limited edition release

Crafted in the oldest registered distillery in the United States, each dram of Daniel's is creamy and clean, showcasing caramel flavours with hints of banana.

A limited release, the launch has been staggered across cities hosting events in the F1 calendar throughout 2023.

The limited-edition 700ml bottle will include Jack Daniel’s traditional Tennessee Whiskey grain bill, featuring 80% corn, 8% rye, and 12% malted barley, with the final whiskey bottled at 80 proof (40% ABV).

It's but the latest in a range of partnerships announced by the McLaren F1 team in recent weeks, with the British racing giant joining forces with the likes of Google, Halo, Workday, DeWalt, Coca-Cola and OKX.

Jack Daniel's is available now in the UK, with bottles retailing for £20 at Sainsbury's while stocks last.