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It's about to get much easier to play PlayStation games on your Mac or PC

PlayStation just wants to take over your life

It's about to get much easier to play PlayStation games on your Mac or PC

It's been a long, hard day of whatever it is you get up to between the stereotyped hours of nine to five.

You've just collapsed on the sofa, preparing to settle down to an epic gaming session of your new favoured pixel fix (No Man's Sky?) when disaster strikes - your other half wants to watch Mrs Brown's BoysDue to 'house rules', a live TV show always trumps gaming sessions. You fling your controller at a cushion and make a bee-line to sulk in the kitchen.

Not anymore: PlayStation has rolled out the latest expansion of its Now subscription service, allowing gamers to play to a host of classic PS3 titles straight from the internet. For a subscription of £12.99 a month, you can play titles like Uncharted 3Heavy Rain and The Last of Us straight from your computer box.

"But what if I want to carry on playing the session I was just playing on my PS4?", you may well grumble. 

Fear not, as PlayStation already offers the PS4 Remote Play application for PCs and Macs. In order to make the experience a little more seamless, PlayStation has just announced that it's bringing out a DualShock 4 USB Wireless Adaptor, so you can play your existing games or those from your Now subscription without wires. 

The adaptor arrives on 15 September, but is yet to get a UK price... you'll just have to look at it longingly until then.

And it glows!

Keep an eye on the PlayStation store for details on pricing.