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IT Chapter Two reviews: sequel receives mixed reactions

Pennywise is back!

IT Chapter Two reviews: sequel receives mixed reactions
Holly Pyne
21 August 2019

There is no doubt that the first IT movie was a critical and box office hit, but its sequel IT: Chapter Two may not be as lucky.

Set 27 years after The Losers' Club first defeated Pennywise, the sequel sees the gang come back together - now as adults - to deal with the dancing clown who has returned to Derry once more.

Director Andy Muschietti has returned for It: Chapter Two, this time bringing with him a more grown-up cast of James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, Jay Ryan, James Ransone, Andy Bean, and Isaiah Mustafa - with Bill Skarsgard reprising the role of Pennywise.

And now, with the first reviews in, it is clear that IT: Chapter Two has split critics straight down the middle. Scott Menzel, editor-in-chief of We Live Entertainment, described the film as “the biggest disappointment of the year”. He added: “A dull & bloated mess that spends too much time rehashing things from the first film. “While there are a few good moments, the film ultimately lacks suspense and scares. The performances are also a mixed bag.”

However, others thought that despite some “clumsy” elements, it was these “imperfect” moments that came straight out of the Stephen King novel.

Slash Film’s Chris Evangelista agreed, tweeting: “Several issues aside, this is one of the rare Stephen King adaptations that actually understands King’s voice and successfully translates it to the screen.

“It captures that unapologetic earnestness mixed with a kind of aw-shucks corniness that King does so well.”

So, while it is not the instant hit the first one was, it is still probably worth going to see with some friends on a quiet Sunday.

And let’s be honest, with the first film having made $700million globally in the box office, the second will probably still make a tonne of money. It: Chapter Two will be released in the UK on 6 September.