Is this the worst student roommate ever?

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Thousands of students across the world are preparing to take their first steps into the big wide world, leaving behind the family, friends and hometown to head to University. It's both an exciting, but also scary, time, with worries over making friends and fitting in.

And for one particular student, heading to UCLA in the States, she could be forgiven for feeling more apprehensive than most, after posting an extraordinary email exchange between herself, her friend and a third prospective college roommate on Twitter.

17-year-old Winnie Chen (pictured above) posted up an email she, and her other roommate Guistinna Tun, 18, received from a third freshman known as Ashley which was astonishingly forthright, detailing exactly what her demands for the room were:

Guistinna then sent the following reply, which was remarkably restrained:

Before Ashly responded with this second faintly terrifying email, describing herself as a 'ticking timebomb':

Naturally, Twitter was quick to offer its advice to Winnie.

Despite Winnie seemingly applying to change rooms, it seems her request has not been granted. All we can say is: sleep with one eye open.


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