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Is this the future of haircuts?

Is this the future of haircuts?

Is this the future of haircuts?
Danielle de Wolfe
22 October 2014

You haven't booked a slot at the barbers. You never book a slot; it's not that sort of place. You've been meaning to get a trim for a week - a few more days and people will be throwing change at you every time you sit on a bench.

Disastrously, you cross the threshold of the barbers to meet a queue of similarly unkempt gents. It's seven deep. You're going to be here for the better part of two hours. You curse the hair dressing gods. If only a different avenue for neat hair existed. 

In steps the app saviour, Shortcut. Currently sorting out the heads of New York men, it does for barbers what Hailo and Uber have done for taxis. This on-demand grooming service finds and sends a professionally trained barber direct to your home or office with just a few taps. Haircut? No problem. Beard trim? Why of course. Better get some friends in on the act - you can order one barber for up to four people, reducing the cost of your cut. 

Set to expand into more cities as word spreads, we wouldn't be surprised if copycat services get in on the act within the year. Anyone heading to the Big Apple in need of trim can download the app here. For now, the rest of us will just have to join the back of the hairy queue. 

[Via: Uncrate]