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iPhone sent into space

Father and son team film earth's curvature

iPhone sent into space

This family must be both time-wealthy and wealthy-wealthy to be able to pull of this stunt. Either way it's money/time well spent.

The father and son team of Luke Geissbuhler and his seven-year-old, Max, have launched an iPhone into the stratosphere and had an HD camera record the entire journey.

The two spent eight months researching and testing the balloon powered, 25 feet per second, ascendancy in Newburgh, New York.

The intrepid iPhone braved winds of 100 miles-per-hour and temperatures of -60 Celsius, surviving the chill thanks to being snuggly packed with hand warmers.

The balloon burst after around 70 minutes, but it managed to record 100 minutes of footage and reach 20 miles in height. It came back to Earth 30 miles from where it had launched, 50 feet up a tree, but the iPhone's GPS and the camera's external LED led them to it.

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