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Now you can turn your iPhone into a retro mac

For the man who has everything

Now you can turn your iPhone into a retro mac
21 April 2017

If you’re the kind of person who isn’t satisfied with simply showing off the telephone machine you’ve spent a minimum of £600 on, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are all sorts of faintly obnoxious accessories to be found online. But if a naff bejeweled bump case in the shape of a teddy bear isn’t for you, there’s always this quirky M4 stand from a design firm called elago – which can turn your bog-standard iPhone 6, 6S or 7 into a snazzy retro Apple monitor unit.

You too could be the envy of your friends still wistful for the past, with this big, beautiful, beige chunk of silicone, for instance if you want to settle down on a crowded train and make yourself look as bougie as possible.

The elago M4 iPhone stand is only the latest product on the market for people who want to be a bit smug about their mobile communications.

For instance, numerous companies make retro phone handsets you can plug into the headphone jack, so you too can look like you’re operating a rotary phone on the bus. For $295 (£230) you can get the Punkt MP01, which sends texts, makes calls and looks good at a premium price. Or, for a total purist, there’s John’s Phone, which won’t even let you send texts, and comes with an embedded notepad and pen to record people’s numbers. To you sir, just $100 (£78).

If you’re really desperate to show off, you can buy the things here, at the low price of just $35 (£27).