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The new iPhone 7 ad is seriously spooky

Apple appears to be channelling 'The Ring' for this one

The new iPhone 7 ad is seriously spooky
14 September 2016

You've seen The Ring, right?

Either the 1998 Japanese original or its half decent 2002 American remake, we're not fussed. Just drag to mind those deeply unsettling moments of horror when the unwitting characters sat down to watch a haunted video tape - that grainy black footage, interspersed with flashes of white and jolts of fear. You know the stuff. 

Now, settle yourself down to watch what would appear to be Apple's version of the same tape, haunted not by a creepy little girl in desperate need of some conditioner, but by the gorgeous new iPhone 7 and the rings of its camera lens (or lenses in the case of the iPhone 7 Plus). 

We miss the good old days, with those happy dancing iPod kids with their white headphone cables. Now we're just scared that if we don't buy the upgrade, something terrible will happen to us.