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These apps will take your iOS 10 experience to the next level

The best apps and functions you're going to want for your new iMessage feature

These apps will take your iOS 10 experience to the next level
19 September 2016

It's okay, you can go ahead and accept that little notification to download the new iOS 10 update for your iPhone.

It won't break your phone, it won't fill it with pornography (any more) - it's going to turn it into a little messaging power house of delights. 

The standout feature of the new operating system is easily its expansive new functions for the iMessage service, allowing you to download apps, sticker packs and games for use when messaging other Apple devices.

"Stickers?" Yes mate - stickers. These are the iMessage apps you should download right this bloody minute. 

Grammar Snob

In addition to being a fundamental part of using the English language, a good knowledge of grammar allows you to express how much of a better person you are than your contemporaries. The Grammar Snob sticker set makes the task of correcting you're your idiotic mates beautifully simple: download the sticker set from the iMessages App Store and you'll be given a list of 'corrections' scribbled in red pencil to drag and drop onto their iMessages. 

Warning: may result in a rapid loss of (stupid) friends.

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Connect Four

Connect four! In iMessages! 

Seriously, we don't need to sell this any more for you do we? Just download it. 

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This one comes pre-installed on your iMessage service, and Apple Music subscribers are going to be making a whole heap of use from it. Want to share a new track or album with your mate of iMessages? Rather than having to jump to the Apple Music app, you can tap the App button (the blue 'A'), head to Music. Here you'll be able to browse through tracks or albums you've recently played.

If your mate isn't a paid Apple Music subscriber, they'll still be able to listen to a 30 second clip.


There are heaps of apps out there for helping you get from A to B - but CityMapper just became your new favourite to use with iMessages. By selecting the CityMapper app from the iMessage App list, you're able to share your location (or a location you've recently searched) with your friend. When they tap on the link, it will open up their CityMapper app and begin searching for the fastest route to you. Simple (unless you haven't got the exact bus fare to get there).

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Truth Truth Lie

You're trying to get to know your latest Tinder match, but a game of 21 questions is almost certain to grind any romance into the dust. Enter Truth Truth Lie - an iMessage app game that sees you record three ten second clips. Two are supposed to be truths (obviously), with one lie hidden betwixt them. It's up to the recipient to root out the fib. It's incredibly simple to use, and surprisingly addictive.

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Words With Friends

Oh lord, it's back. 

Words With Friends is now even easier to play across iMessage. If you and a buddy have both got it on your iPhone, you'll be able to send words within iMessage conversations, allowing you to play without breaking out of conversation. 

Or you could just meet up and play Scrabble like it's the nineties?

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Book A Table

Heaps of existing app services will start taking advantage of iMessage add-ins in the near future, Book A Table is just one of the first out the gate.

By tapping the 'A' app button and heading to Book A Table, you'll be able to search for nearby restaurants and book a table (clue is in the name guys) via the iMessage service, rather than having to open up the app. 

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