Introducing Kilian Martin


It'll come as no surprise that we don't trust skateboarders. They're too talented, too young and, on the whole, far too "cool".

Take Kilian Martin for example. At just 23 he's unfathomably talented. Never heard of him? You will do.

Kilian is the new face of Lucozade Sport Lite (so rich, now, too) and more to the point is one of the most talented street skateboarders in the world. The Spaniard blends impeccable fashion sense with skills on a board that we can't even get our heads round. Check him out:

May 8th sees the release of his first Lucozade Sport Lite advert, which if the above is anything to go but, will be incredible. The kind people at Lucozade sent us these behind-the-scenes pics to whet your appetite.

You look at them while we dig out the snakeboard we had when we were 11. They're cool right?

Look out for the full advert release at



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