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Is this new 'earth' logo proof that the Illuminati is upon us?

We've got a feeling we might have seen this one before...

Is this new 'earth' logo proof that the Illuminati is upon us?

Sure, in the grand scheme of things we might have actually done very little when it comes to space exploration and stepping foot on other worlds but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be prepared with some seriously high-end branding for the when the day does come. Which, if Elon Musk has anything to do with it, might be sooner than you think.

Created by graphic designer Oskar Pernefeldt as part of a project calledThe International Flag of Planet Earth, the interlocking-ring logo (below) has shot through the internet at an Interstellar rate over the last 24 hours, due in part to Pernefeldts svelte design and fancy website.

The proposed flag has sparked debate across the web on whether it's a) the right design, and b) whether it's even that good. It's also managed to leave us scratching our heads wondering where we've seen it before. Like for instance, the illumanti. 

Either it's proof that Oskar Pernefeldt takes his inspiration from a huge catalogue of worldly things or that the illumanti is gaining on us and about to force into a world where we all live under one unifying emblem as slaves of the lizard overlords. Here are 11 things that "The International Flag of Planet Earth reminds us of.

1. Disney's Epcot Center logo

2. This logo for jewellery company Embrace The Difference 

3. This stock logo that you can buy

4. The new age movement's Flower of Life

5. The Norwegian Heritage logo

6. The Pan Am logo

7. A close-up picture of human cells growing

8. The BP logo

9. The Tudor Rose

10. Captain Planet's chest

11. An abstract line drawing of Davey Jones' face from Pirates of The Caribbean 



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