Insane Traffic Jam Captured On GTA V

Think you've experienced bad-tempered traffic jams? Spare a thought for the admittedly fictional but eternally cursed citizens of San Andreas and count yourself lucky.

NaswasGTA V

“I Left my game to go get food for a few minutes - this is what happened while I was gone,” says Naswas, alluding to the ridiculous footage you can see in the video below in which a minor traffic evolves into a fiery warzone littered with screaming, fleeing bystanders, accidental hit-and-runs, explosions, shoot-outs with cops and other general melees.
And if anything warrants this video for a meme of Ron Burgundy saying 'Well that escalated quickly', just watch out for the fireman arriving on site towards the end of the carnage, running to put out a blaze only to see his firetruck blow up. His reaction says it all. 

Toy Story

If we ever move to San Andreas, we’re commuting, no doubt.