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Innie's genious lace gadget

Innie's genious lace gadget

25 March 2014

We've all been there. You've bought yourself a brand new set of trainers/boots/brogues as you were so captivated by the way the shop presented their clean lines and stylish trim. You get them home, slip them on and discover to your dismay that they just aren't the same with that saggy, looping bow on top.

Fuming, you go about trying to solve the problem, tucking the lace round the side of your foot, tying the knot behind the tongue, knotting the lace at the eyelet and cutting off the excess. We've never found a decent solution.

Innie think they've cracked it. The small plastic clip attaches to the lace on the inside of the shoe near the eyelet, sitting between the tongue and the inside of the shoe. With the Innie gripping the lace, you can adjust the tension before cutting off the remaining length or push it down the side of the shoe.

Currently a Kickstarter project, you can pick up four pairs of Innies for around £5.50 ($10 AUD).

(Images: Innie/Kickstarter)