Incredible laser engraved wooden posters


Band saws. Hammers. Chisels. When it comes to manly pursuits, wood craft takes some beating. Yet whittler extraordinaires SpaceWolf Limited have managed to up the testosterone a notch, by adding lasers.

The Brooklyn-based laser engravers are some of the best in the business when it comes to highly detailed woodwork posters (admittedly, we're not sure how big that business is).

Each poster is etched into a piece of US-sourced cherry hardwood, which has been sanded and oiled to perfection by hand. With only 50 engravings of each poster, each series is enviably unique - and you'll be glad to hear that SpaceWolf plant new cherry hardwoods for each individual sale they make.

Head over to the SpaceWolf Limited site to see more of their designs. You can pick one up for around £120.


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