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If Movie Directors Were Architects

If Movie Directors Were Architects

If Movie Directors Were Architects

Much like great architects, the very best moviemakers possess an identifiable visual blueprint: familiar, iconic touches instantly recognisable in their respective works.

You don’t need to tell Federico Babina this. The Barcelona-based artist and architect, who we've obsessed over many times before (just take a look at the related articles below) has plucked yet more brilliant illustrations from his brain, imagining what it might look like if certain film directors tried their hand at building houses.

Archidirector is positively loaded with geeky in-references: Kubrick’s gaff includes a massive window based on HAL, the Coen Brothers’ have installed a bowling alley, the furiously neo-noir neighbourhood of Ridley Scott is hard to miss, as is the suitably gothic surroundings of Tim Burton.

Wes Anderson's twee multi-cabin might as well be an advert for Ikea, Fritz Lang's is fully deserving of a 21st century metropolis and Elia Kazan makes us want to take up pigeon-fancying. Squint a little and you might even be able to spot some memorable human characters from films too, all milling about somewhere.

And of course with Anderson recently following David Lynch's lead and designing a real life building in his own inimitable style, don’t be too surprised if you see one of these become reality one day.

Though we’d draw the line at Hitchcock house. That rear window needs replacing and there’s a few icky stains in the shower.

See more of Babina's work at his website