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David Lynch launches Parisian club

Mulholland Drive’s Twenties-style bar becomes a reality

David Lynch launches Parisian club
Danielle de Wolfe
11 September 2011

Filmmaker. Painter. Musician. Author. Coffee connoisseur. Transcendental meditation expert. David Lynch would have an undoubtedly impressive CV.

If he ever needed to actually write one and send it out, that is. Which we imagine he wouldn’t.

Still, should he want to, he can now add ‘nightclub designer’ to it, too. Club Silencio (pictured) is a Parisian nightspot inspired by the identically named bar in 2001’s Mulholland Drive.

And rather than just sending over the Blu-ray to study and telling them to get on with it, Lynch himself took the role of chief designer and remained meticulously faithful to the cinematic original. From its furniture and cocktail bar to cinema screens and a library, every detail has been scrutinised by the director — right down to the saltiness of the nuts.

Situated at 142 rue Montmartre in the building that once housed the republican writers behind the famous 1898 ‘J’accuse’ newspaper headline, aimed at the government’s supposed anti-Semitism, Lynch has claimed that this is his answer to Andy Warhol’s Sixties New York hangout Factory.

But unlike Warhol’s open door policy, any bohemians attracted to Silencio will have to pay for the privilege — a regular annual membership costs £683.

But the club’s biggest novelty? It’s a way for us to experience classic Hollywood via the Eurostar instead of a transatlantic slog. Now, who’s got Quentin Tarantino’s number? We’re hankering after a Nuneaton branch of Jack Rabbit Slims.

(Image: Rex)