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How To Zombie-Proof Your Flat

How To Zombie-Proof Your Flat

How To Zombie-Proof Your Flat

When the day of the undead comes - and it will, eventually - you'd best be prepared. We have to think about making our abodes secure against things like tornadoes and earthquakes nowadays, so it's only right that we should be prepared for a severe case of the zombies.

Luckily, you can simply consult this useful infographic, created by the website, which investigates the various methods that one can use to make a flat entirely zombie-proof. There's some great tips, although essentially it all boils down to having your own helipad, which may be out of reach of most people. Nonetheless, we presume just painting a giant 'H' on your roof will probably do the trick, to lure down any helicopters that are passing by.

Check out the full life-saving guide below.


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