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How to wear sunglasses

How to wear sunglasses

How to wear sunglasses

We've come a long way since we got our first pair of sunglasses that came free with a McDonald's Happy Meal. And although we thought we were pretty cool, the fluorescent frames tinged with the smell of a Big Mac somehow didn't give the impression that we were the height of sophistication. Luckily, we spoke to Julia Rebaudo, head of fashion at on which styles to go for. Fast-food not included.

"The right pair of sunnies can transform an outfit from average to sensational so it pays to find the style that suits you. Summer 2011 for men continues with the aviator and thick-framed retro styles – made out of sturdy plastics these are great for standing up to everyday wear and tear. The trend for big round frames has also settled in nicely – oversized frames work well for men as you tend to have the bigger features with which to pull them off."

Angular face: Look out for tinted dark grey lenses, tortoiseshell and heavy bridges for something a bit different. And as ever finding the style that suits you is all about balance. If you have an angular face, balance it out with round frames while round faces should balance out with angular frames. Unless of course you want to emphasize your angles in which case wear something angular. See? Simple.

Round face: A round face is one that is roughly the same proportion in width and length with full cheeks and a rounded chin. An angular frame will sharpen features and a rectangular frame will make the face look longer and thinner. Avoid short or small frames.

Oval face: The oval face has mainly well-balanced proportions, with the chin slightly narrower than the forehead and high cheekbones. This is one of the best face shapes as most styles suit it. Avoid frames that are too big for your face.

Square face: If you have an angular face with a strong jaw line, square jaw and broad forehead then go for oval and round frames. Aviators and the new breed of oversized round frames about at the moment are just the ticket. Avoid geometric styles.

Oblong face: An oblong face is narrow and longer than it is wide. To balance this out go for taller frames that will make the face appear shorter. Avoid small frames.