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How To Stop Yourself Crying

Penalties, the end of E.T - we've got you covered

How To Stop Yourself Crying
23 November 2010

While it might be permitted in those painful few minutes after losing a cup final, seldom do men sob in a public arena and go on to live it down. Crying at movies is one of the most heinous of man crimes, something that’s only increased with the availability of 3D glasses, but those plastic shields will only protect you for so long - what happens when you’re watching a DVD on the sofa? You need to know how to close the floodgates when on the verge of losing all respectability.

Dr Sneh Khemka, Medical Director at Bupa International reveals how....

Pinch yourself

"Crying is an emotional response that originates from certain parts of the brain - notably areas called the limbic system and the thalamus. You need to distract these areas into thinking your body is more active elsewhere. Pinching yourself in a not-too-sensitive area will be enough to convince your body it has better things to concentrate on, and suddenly those tears have gone."

Drink a cold beverage

"Tears are stimulated by the facial nerve. So if you can get to an ice-cold glass of water in time, the cold sensation of the drink will stimulate other branches of the facial nerve, rather than the one that's about to start the tears rolling."

Deep breathing

"Taking deep breaths not only calms the speed of the situation, but the diaphragmatic stimulation itself acts as a distractor from the crying impulse. It also means your mind gets diverted to thinking about breathing, rather than what's making you upset."

Think happy thoughts

"It's always useful to have three or four ‘happy thoughts’ to bank as a point of reference in any time of stress. Whether or not that means choosing to remember your first toy car, the time your boss fell over in front of you, or your first sexual experience - as long as that's not why you want to cry - a happy thought can stave off the tears."

Walk away

"Often the best way to avoid the tears, simply removing yourself from the stimulus of the upset will usually stop the tears. Subliminally your mind will wander as you do. Make a quick excuse and then a sharp exit. And if you’re already streaming tears, at least no one will be there to witness it."

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