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How to screenshot people's Instagram stories without them knowing


How to screenshot people's Instagram stories without them knowing
20 February 2018

In case you missed it, Instagram are going the same way as Snapchat, rolling out a new feature which lets people know when you’ve screenshotted their Story.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Once the feature has been enabled for you, the first time you screenshot someone’s Story, you will receive a pop up notification warning you that the next time you do it, the user will be notified.
  2. If you screenshot again, a small circle will show up by your name in their ‘seen by’ list within Stories.
  3. This of course means you will also be able to check who’s screenshotted your own Stories, by checking your own ‘seen by’.

Simple really. Whether it’s a good feature or not is another matter - some will argue that if someone’s put a picture out there on their public Story, there’s no reason why screenshotting it without their knowledge is a problem, but you can also say that they are uploading that picture to Instagram Story, not anywhere else, and they deserve to be notified if their photo might be taken out of context.

The crux of it, of course, is that we’d all love if we could know who’s screenshotting our Stories, but our own screenshots remained covert. However, that just isn’t possible… or it it?

Instagram are going the same way as Snapchat, informing people when you screenshot their Stories

According to Lifehacker, there are a couple of ways around the new feature, which will continue to let you screenshot your friends’ Stories on the down low. Sneaky.

Option one: If you see a picture you want to screenshot, quickly flip your phone into airplane mode, take the screenshot, and then turn airplane mode back off again when you want to continue mindlessly browsing. Easy.

Option two: If you’re on desktop (some people like to use Instagram on desktop, we’re not sure why), taking a screenshot from your browser won’t notify the user, so snap away, my creepy friend.

So there you go, you can now continue to rinse all your friends’ Stories in your private WhatsApp groups without them knowing, because really, isn’t that what true friendship is all about?

(Image: Rex)