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How to score with a bicycle kick

Become the new Rooney

How to score with a bicycle kick

Wayne Rooney might have prematurely settled Goal of the Season with his acrobatic winner in the latest Manchester derby, but there’s sure to be no end of copycats trying their luck.

With this in mind, we asked freestyle footballer John Farnworth, who’ll be attempting to keep a football in the air while running the London Marathon on 17 April (, how to perform the perfect bicycle kick.

1. “To attempt this kick you need the ball to be passing over you at just above head height. When the ball is crossed into the box, your boots need to point to the goal. Standing in the ball’s path, take a step back and then pivot 90 degrees to the opposite way the ball is coming – keeping your eyes on the ball.”

2. “About a second before the ball reaches you, throw yourself into the air using your kicking foot for leverage and push yourself backwards while stretching your arms out for leverage and to maintain posture. Then, swing your non-kicking foot like you’re kicking an imaginary ball, to get momentum for the scissors motion”

3. “With this surge, twist your hips so your kicking foot comes around with plenty of power to kick the centre of the ball with your laces. Ensure you aim the kick directly behind you.”

4. “Your kicking leg will overlap the other in the follow through motion and you’ll fall to ground back-first. Your arms, still fully extended for balance must now be dropped to support your fall as you hit the floor. It also helps if you keep your neck firm.”

Main image: Getty