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How to bag yourself a date on exclusive dating app The Inner Circle

Finding Tinder tedious? Bored of Bumble? This might be for you

How to bag yourself a date on exclusive dating app The Inner Circle
25 July 2016

Finding Tinder tedious? Bored of Bumble?

Perhaps you need a dating app that plays to your strengths - a curated world in which gym selfies and snaps with drugged-up tigers won't win you any fans. Somewhere like The Inner Circle: a "selective dating app" aimed at "ambitious, like-minded people".

Sure, it might sound like some sort of old boys club, but since launching in Amsterdam back in 2013, this invite-only dating app has spread amongst aspirational singletons the world over, gaining 45,000 users in the UK. 

In an effort to find out how to get a date in amongst the nation's high- flyers, we spoke to The Inner Circle's co-founder Michael Krayenhoff to get his tips on crafting the perfect profile.

What the heck is The Inner Circle?

Any fool can swipe through Tinder. For Krayenhoff, the problem with such services is that they don't really help match people "who are in the same stage of life, move in similar social circles and have a similar life-style". 

"Because of this trend we focus on quality instead of quantity," he explains. As such, you have to apply to become a member, with a 'gatekeeper' checking over your application, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. 

Is there any way of increasing your chances of becoming an Inner Circle member?

"Whilst there is no cut and dry recipe for being accepted on to The Inner Circle, a LinkedIn profile that demonstrates your ambition and drive in life will go a long way," says Krayenhoff.

"Whether or not you are educated to degree level will also play a role in the vetting process." Apparently 94 per cent of the users have a bachelor's degree or higher. So much for our b-tech in plumbing...

"Also, if you have a friend who is already a member, this will help your chances of being accepted."

How does The Inner Circle work?

Once your application has been accepted, you can access the service from The Inner Circle website or app. 

While being critical of the swiping system of other apps, the main way of 'Matching' with other profiles is similar: you can either scroll through a wall of profiles - selected on proximity, how new they are, if they're online - and 'Like' them, or enter a Matching menu to 'Like' or move on.

You can message anyone, regardless of whether you've matched, send winks, and see who's been viewing your profile. You can also include information on any holidays you've been on or got coming up, and list your favourite locations for dates. It's a lot more specific than the likes of Tinder or Bumble, but that's kind of the point. 

The service also organises regular meet ups for members, allowing them to meet up with fellow Inner Circlers at bars, clubs and even polo events.

What are the careers of the men who get the most matches?

  1. Finance
  2. Consulting
  3. Technology
  4. Property
  5. Media

What are the careers of the women who get the most matches?

  1. Finance
  2. Marketing
  3. Law
  4. Fashion
  5. Medicine/health careers

What should you include in your profile?

So, The Inner Circle is full of career-driven, highly motivated singletons. Should your profile consist of payslips and polo parties? Krayenhoff doesn't think so:

"Create a list of your most attractive qualities and incorporate these into your online profile. What do your friends compliment you on? What are your passions? What makes you a fun person to date?"

Best skip the Pokémon GO obsession though, just to be safe...

"One word of advice though – only upload pictures that show a true representation of who you are. If you upload highly photo shopped pictures, or perhaps images from a couple of years ago, this will only lead to potential dates believing you are disingenuous when they meet in real life."