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How to expertly tie an ascot

Advice from Savile Row's finest

How to expertly tie an ascot

From Al Pacino in The Godfather to Ken in Toy Story 3, cinema is littered with stylish characters who’ve sported an ascot tie around their necks. George Orris from Savile Row men’s outfitters Chester Barrie ( takes the time to help us sort our fingers from our thumbs and fix the devilishly dapper tie correctly in four straightforward stages.

1. “Rich, soft material is ideal for an ascot — look for silk or a silk/cashmere blend. Firstly, put the tie round your neck, leaving it hanging slightly longer on the right-hand side of your body. If the ascot is pleated, make sure the pleats are facing upwards. Then cross the longer length over the shorter one from right to left.”

2. “Next, tuck the longer length up, through and over the ‘V’ shape you’ve created at the base of your neck. Repeat this step twice, to give you a thicker knot and more fullness in the tie.”

3. “Now, shift the knot you’ve created back up to meet your neck, making sure not to fix it too tightly. Straighten it out and get it nicely arranged. Give the knot a good ruffle to create a fuller effect.”

4. “Finally, tuck the rest of the tie into your shirt and button the shirt up over it, ensuring you leave the top button undone so that you can still see the knot. If you don’t usually wear an ascot, a good tip for pulling it off is to forget you’re actually wearing it. If you keep tugging at it and adjusting it, you appear self-conscious rather than stylish. To really look the part, be confident, as if you always wear one.”