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House of Suntory's limited-edition Roku Gin is a toast to budding romance

Prepare for the ultimate Valentine's Day treat

House of Suntory's limited-edition Roku Gin is a toast to budding romance
Danielle de Wolfe
30 January 2024

Limited-edition gin offerings are ShortList's forte, with this new offering from The House of Suntory heralding the start of one glorious love story.

Landing just in time for Valentine's Day, this limited-edition Roku gin is bursting with both aromatics and flavour - the optics aren't that bad either.

Known for their distinctive angular bottles, the distillery's latest offering, Roku Sakura Bloom, captures the essence of Japan's famous cherry blossom.

It's so much more than just another sugar-loaded gin offering, as Suntory's subtle flavour gently combines with tonic for a flavourful sip that won't see you hit by a glucose high.

Romantic highs, however, are a different matter entirely.

We took time out from taste testing our 45 top-rated gins to determine whether this was a match made in heaven ahead of Valentine's Day.

And the verdict? Sign us up for a full life term.

An ode to the height of spring - as well as the internationally renowned Hanami Festival, 'delicate' is the only adjective that adequately sums up this budding release.

Infused with the essence of the Sakura flower (otherwise known as cherry blossom), the Roku Sakura Bloom Edition celebrates Japan's annual 'flower viewing' festival.

House of Suntory's limited-edition Roku Gin is a toast to budding romance

Floral notes are accompanied by a sweet taste that's accompanied by a delightfully salty edge courtesy of the blossom leaves.

Comprised of six bold botanicals, this is a delightfully complex gin if ever we saw it.

Bottles have just landed on the brand's web store and Tesco shelves, with each 43% ABV bottle accompanied by a price tag of £33.

If you fail to nab yourself a bottle this February, a second wave release will see the bottles stocked in Waitrose and Sainsbury’s, from the beginning of March.

James Bowker, Global Advocacy Manager of Beam Suntory, said: “Shun is a concept unique to Japanese culture. It captures something magical, a moment when the natural world is at its most energised.
"The Roku Sakura Bloom Edition will be an expression of that concept – a bright and fresh-flavoured gin containing botanicals that are harvested at the peak of their vibrancy and taste.
“The Roku Sakura Bloom Edition provides an immersion into the cultural origins of the product as well as providing a unique taste profile.
"Giving the brand a compelling point of difference in the premium gin market.”

Pick yourself up a bottle for £31 now at Tesco.