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Here's our latest look at the next season of 'House of Cards'

Will this be a #MeToo season?

Here's our latest look at the next season of 'House of Cards'
11 June 2018

It was once the fêted darling of Netflix and, in many ways, set the standard for gripping, high-quality internet streaming TV. But, in a scandal as dark as anything that ever made it into the show, House of Card’s most important star Kevin Spacey was caught up in a maelstrom of sexual assault allegations before being fired in disgrace – and the situation wasn’t helped by his ‘apology’ which was roundly condemned.

Spacey’s downfall, just one domino in the #MeToo revolution, left the show’s future up in the air.

But, in a clever move, execs decided to carry on for one final season, this time focusing chiefly on Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright.

Having said that, season 6 has been reduced from 13 episodes to eight, with two whole episodes filmed with Spacey scrapped entirely.

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Now, Netflix has released two intriguing images from the upcoming season. Along with the pics, a spokesperson said in a statement: “Golden Globe winner and Emmy Award nominee Robin Wright returns as President of the United States in the sixth and final season of the award-winning landmark series House of Cards. #MyTurn”

That final hashtag could turn out be very deceptively important; does its resemblance to the famous #MeToo hashtag mean this final season will tackle sexual assault and harassment - or even directly address Spacey’s own history? We shall see. 

In the first image, Claire is dressed in black and looks typically steely:

And in the second, behind-the-scenes snap she’s hard at work leading the country:

Joining the cast this season are Academy Award nominees Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear as well as Cody Fern.

Season 6 of House of Cards will hit Netflix this autumn. 

(Images: Netflix / House of Cards)