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Rob Delaney heads up the new Home Alone reboot

Disney Plus are remaking the movie

Rob Delaney heads up the new Home Alone reboot
11 December 2019

Disney Plus is really going for it with their productions. The Mandalorian has already spawned the year's biggest (and cutest) meme in the form of Baby Yoda, and we've got plenty of Marvel TV shows to look forward to as well.

And its film offering is also starting to look pretty tasty: now, the platform has announced it will be rebooting classic 90s film Home Alone.

Rob Delaney is set to star, alongside The Office US and Kimmy Schmidt's Ellie Kemper.

Archie Yates, who's also about to star in upcoming Taika Waititi vehicle Jojo Rabbit, will be in the lead role.

According to Variety, it won't be a straight remake – Yates won't be starring as Kevin, but a different child in a similar situation.

We also don't know who Kemper and Delaney will be playing: both pretty affable and charming, they seem to fit the parental roles. But it could be fun to see them do something different: we would 100% pay to see Rob Delaney in the Joe Pesci role.

No details on when the movie will be out, but it should start production next year.