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Hipster heroes and villains

What they wear in their down-time

Hipster heroes and villains
09 March 2012

While we're perfectly comfortable with the fact that we've never seen Rambo or T-1000 go clothes shopping, we do still have an interest in what they might wear when they're not saving/taking lives.

The infinitely talented John Woo (no, not that one) has followed up his brilliant Star Wars hipster ilustrations with pictures of fictional goodies and baddies at their most stylish.

So, for your records, Superman wears D&G while The Joker is more of a Junya Watanabe kind of guy. We're big fans of these pictures but we dread the day when an actual hipster superhero film comes along. Our leads would be far too busy discussing what they're reading to conform to any sort of hero/villain dynamic. Hollywood, take note.