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Why hip hop has become more stylish than rock

A$AP Rocky > Alex Turner

Why hip hop has become more stylish than rock

Once upon a time it was The Beatles and The Rolling Stones who owned the music industry in terms of sales and style, but in the 21st Century hip hop and grime has overtaken guitar music to be the most stylish genre around.

Sure, Alex Turner, Miles Kane, Blossoms et al are still flying the flag for leather jackets and skinny jeans, but the look hasn't really moved on much, has it? What happened to the Gallaghers and Jaggers; the musicians that exuded their wealth through their outfits with no modesty whatsoever? We'll tell you what happened; bands like Bombay Bicycle Club and Foals came along and ruined the scene with their plain t-shirts and regular fitting trousers.

But just take a look at A$AP Rocky and Wiz Khalifa. They dress like they've just walked off a Fashion Week catwalk. Even when they're just popping round the corner for a pint of milk they wear a Gucci track jacket. But that's the essence of hip hop: boasting. Look at all my fancy shit, look how far I've come. It may not be subtle, but damn, it looks good.

Here's who is flying the flag for cutting-edge style in the world of hip hop right now...

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Skepta playing Glastonbury's Pyramid Stage is evidence of just how far grime has came in the last few years. A milestone for Britain's latest subculture, putting a smile on the typically moody MC's face in his velvet embroidered jacket and chunky gold jewellery.

Young Thug

The man has an ice cream cone tattooed on his face, which is pretty rock 'n' roll. But delicious desserts scarring you for life aside, he has a unique style - which was picked up by Calvin Klein in their summer campaign, which sees him combine a track jacket with a suave suit for the current smart sports trend.

Frank Ocean

Not many musicians have a signature look anymore (except for James Bay, and don't even get us started on him), but Frank Ocean has managed to adopt a bandanna without looking like he's out on one of those awful student pub crawls.

A$AP Rocky

Rocky has become a front row staple at some of the world's biggest Fashion Week shows, and it's no surprise. The New York rapper has shunned the cliched streetwear donned by a lot of hip hop stars for big named brands such as Gucci.

Andre 3000

Obviously the coolest man in hip hop could only portray the coolest man in rock, Jimi Hendrix, in the recent biopic of his life. From barbershop to double denim to nineties streetwear, the leader of Outkast has worn it all and pulled it all off.

Wiz Khalifa

How do you make a leather jacket even more bad ass? Cover it in dangerous tetanus jab worthy studs, that's how. Wiz has taken the rock staple and made it his own by surrounding it with big and bold jewellery.