Man takes a selfie while high-fiving himself, internet reacts with glee

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Dave Fawbert

There's a new internet craze in town: and your phone may not thank you for it.

US Engineering student Seth Schneider innocently posted up a picture of himself, taken while bored during the recent Hurricane Matthew lockdown, which instantly went viral, racking up over 150,000 retweets

And what was it? This:

Yes, we know what you're thinking. It's not really a high five, it's a clap, isn't it?

What say you Seth?

Fair point Seth. More questions followed, deftly answered by our newest hero.

Someone tried to be a party-pooper.

Another fair question:

And the big one - how is it done?

And can us mere mortals do it?

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But Seth, pray tell, how?

People of the internet: you know what to do.


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