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There's a 'High Fidelity' TV series on the way - with one major difference

Nick Hornby's classic gets the small screen treatment

There's a 'High Fidelity' TV series on the way - with one major difference
06 April 2018

Nice little film, is High Fidelity. Good old John Cusack, doing his shtick in a record shop, being all snooty and uppity-tuppity - good stuff. But that was back in the year 2000, lots of things have happened since then, and that means it’s about time we sorted out a reboot, isn’t it? Time has passed = reboot needs to be made. Them’s the rules.

The original movie, based on the novel by Nick Hornby, has become somewhat of a cult classic, and was at least a modest success at the box office. So there’s an in-built audience already, which is what ‘execs’ look for nowadays when commissioning stuff, isn’t it? It’s a safe bet.

So enter Veronica West and Sarah Kucserka, two writers for Ugly Betty, who are spearheading the TV treatment of the famous flick - and introducing a female lead instead of a male one.

The show, unlike the movie and book, will be family-friendly and a part of Disney’s upcoming streaming service. It’s the first show announced on the platform that isn’t a superhero, sci-fi or kids’ show, and is described as an “optimistic-in-tone mixtape/diary rom-com”. Its announcement follows mooted shows surrounding Star Wars, Monsters Inc. and High School Musical.

If there’s anything off about this, it’s that Disney’s new service will surely be catering mainly to the younger crowd, and will they be interested in the exploits of a record store owner? Do they even know what a record store owner is? Maybe they’d be better off switching the main character’s job to ‘head of marketing at Spotify’ or something, zhush it up a bit. We’re dealing with generation Z here - who knows what they’re going to like.

There’s no word on release dates or anything, but that’s not going to stop me getting excited. NOTHING CAN STOP THAT. I AM AGITATED AND NOBODY CAN STAND IN MY WAY.

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