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Here's how to play Titanfall 2 this weekend

The giant mechs need a test run

Here's how to play Titanfall 2 this weekend

Do you love really big robots? Do you take a concerning level of pleasure from watching said big robots smash each other to pieces with futuristic weaponry?

Then you're going to want free up the next couple of weekends: Titanfall 2 - sequel to 2014's superb mech-filled shooter - will be hosting an 'Open Multiplayer Technical Test' (don't you dare call it a 'Beta test') on the weekends of 19-21 August and 26-28 August. 

Two new game modes will be shown off during first the test: Bounty Hunt (5v5, with added carnage offered by the Remnant Fleet wandering about in the midst of battle) and Pilots vs. Pilots (8v8, no mechs allowed). A third mode will be available on the second weekend: Amped Hardpoint (6v6, work with your team to defend a 'Hardpoint' from the opposition).

All you've got to do to take part in the game's test is sign up here. Happy hunting.