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Here are all the major Xbox E3 announcements

A recap of all the games announced by Xbox at this year's E3 conference

Here are all the major Xbox E3 announcements
13 June 2016

With Xbox One sales lagging woefully behind Sony's PlayStation 4, Microsoft is desperate to leave an impression on this year's E3 proceedings.

Under the glowing green lights of LA's cavernous Galen Center, they showed off a list of crowd-pleasing sequels, an impressive array of indie titles and not one, but two new Xbox One consoles. 

The presentation was also keen to press home a new Play Anywhere feature; buy a game on an Xbox One and you can play it on your Windows 10 machine at no extra cost. So long as your PC is up to scratch, you'll be able to play other gamers on their Xbox or Windows 10 PC, opening up a huge number of potential new 'gamers' to Microsoft via their PC empire.

Your move, Sony.

Xbox One S

Slimmer, sleeker, at 40 per cent smaller than the old One console, the new 'S' console serves to illustrate how much of a bloated box the original Xbox One really was. In addition to sticking the power transformer brick inside the smaller case (trick the PlayStation 4 already nailed), it supports 4K HDR gaming, has new, textured controllers - which you can design yourself at the new Xbox design lab - and… it’s available in white! Which probably means they'll re-release it in black in a year.

Due: August

Price: £249 (or £299 for 1TB hard drive)

Forza Horizon 3

Just when you didn't think Forza could make driving around big empty roads look any more attractive, they go and add even more shimmers, reflections and particle effects to Horizon 3. Set in Australia, it takes in a variety of locations, from beach front races to urban streets to jungle ranges. New cross play features make it easy to slip into a co-op game with friends on either Xbox One or Windows 10, they’re billing it as the most ‘social’ Forza ever.

Due: 27 September


A game from the makers of Metroid Prime we've been teased with for what feels like years now, Microsoft finally showed off a little more of what we'll get up to in the intriguing world of ReCore. A lone tinkerer in a world filled with terrifying robotic creations, you must use team of personable droids, combining their unique abilities with your own platforming and shooting skills to make it through dangerous, arid terrain. 

Due: 13 September

Dead Rising 4

Nothing says Christmas like zombies, right? Nope, didn't think so - yet we're still going to get a new undead-filled gift from Dead Rising just in time for December.

Due: Christmas 2016


If massive co-op battles featuring big dragons and bigger boss battles is your kind of thing, then the vast delights of (the much delayed) Scalebound are going to be your kind of thing. Either take on foe with your sword, shield or bow, or climb aboard your own dragon to go full Targaryen on the opposition.

Due: Early 2017

Sea of Thieves

We'll be honest, we're not quite sure what you actually do in Sea of Thieves, but it all looks great fun. The latest title from Rare, this cartoonesque pirate adventure features sea-bound romps and treasure quests between you and your online buddies. Oh, and undead monsters. Obviously. Think raising the top sail and cannon battles and you’re pretty much there.

Project Scorpio

Now this was a surprise.

Rumours have been rattling for a while that Xbox was working on a new, more powerful console to help patch up relationships with developers left disappointed by the Xbox One - but rather than giving a wink and a nudge, Microsoft showed its hand.

The Project Scorpio will arrive in Christmas 2017, with stats that currently give it the lofty title of 'the most powerful video game console ever made'. It will pack "6 teraflops of GPU delivering a premier console... including true 4K gaming and high-fidelity virtual reality." 

In short, it's going to make games that look really, really good.