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Here are all the major Ubisoft E3 announcements

A recap of all the games announced by Ubisoft at this year's E3 conference

Here are all the major Ubisoft E3 announcements
13 June 2016

Despite marking its 30th year, Ubisoft showed no signs of reaching a midlife crisis in its major E3 presentation - though the less said about the Eurovision-style dancers that began their conference, the better.

From extreme sports simulators to deep space VR, here's what Ubisoft brought to the E3 party.


Ever wanted to hurl yourself from the summit of the French Alps with little more than two carbon fibre planks strapped to your feet and a GoPro to record your inevitable death? The safer option arrives this December, when Steep glides onto consoles. 

An extreme sports title, Steep focuses on the snowy pursuits of snowboarding and skiing, and the airborne thrills of wing suits and parachuting. Set amongst the Mont Blanc region of the Alps, you'll be able to select a peak to descend in your preferred mode of plummeting, competing with other players online in challenges, finding routes laid down by others or setting your own perilous route through the hills. And should you collide with a tree, a finely-tuned replay system will help you capture the bone-shattering results from a variety of GoPro-like angles. 

Due: December 2016

Tom Clancy Wastelands

Travel the beautiful wastelands of Santa Blanca, meet interesting people, kill them.

Play as part of a four-man squad of special ops agents, trained to take down drug cartel bad guys like kids take down Jenga towers. It promises the sort of strategic team play brilliance that Tom Clancy games are associated with - but with more sunshine than usual.

Due: 7 March 2017

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Someone finally went and did it - created a virtual reality game that puts us in the world of Star Trek that sort of gave us our first idea of virtual worlds with its hole deck. 

This co-op experience allows you to take control of a ship on its debut voyage, taking control of an engineer, captain, weapons officer - all those positions you know from the old TV show. Assume your role, work together and ensure the ship doesn't end up a big pile of space junk.

For Honor

Forget rock, paper, scissor - it's Viking, Samauri, Knight in For Honor

A war combat game set in a warped historical world, these three factions are locked in a millennium-long struggle by a god-like warlord, Apollyon. Choose your faction, sharpen your blade and unleash a rampage of bone-breaking combat moves - either by yourself or in epic co-op play. 

Due: 14 February 2017

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

No? Try saying it out loud. There you go. 

South Park turns its ample venom on the world of superheroes, as Cartman is determined to turn Coon and Friends into the biggest superhero franchise of all time. Which involves ample satire and swearing. And for added incentive, it comes with the hilarious The Stick of Truth for free.

Due: 6 December

Watch Dogs 2

We've gone on about Watch Dogs 2 at length before - you can read our first thoughts here. But now you can actually watch what you can get up to in this first piece of gameplay action.