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Has the Millennium Falcon been spotted at Area 51?

Has the Millennium Falcon been spotted at Area 51?

Has the Millennium Falcon been spotted at Area 51?

“Chewie, we're home.”

“Oh sh*t, hang on.”

In news that combines the two nerdiest topics known to man – government conspiracy theories and the Star Wars saga, respectively – one eagle-eyed web user has spotted what appears to be the Millennium Falcon at Area 51.

Mysteriously, the images taken from 1998 had disappeared from Google’s Map servers, replaced by far hazier ones, but that didn’t deter Scott Waring, who simply turned ‘back the back clock’ on his computer, soon revealing a large hangar with a large 30 metre disc parked underneath.

Okay, so that could be any intergalactic, spherical starship sitting underneath a top secret facility in the baking desert, but like it or not, it's intriguing - as Waring himself adds:

"The hanger was built around the disk and apparently they had difficulty flying it in the beginning, so they built the hanger around it with 18 degree doors to open, allowing it to leave when they fly it.

"They renewed the airport runway here and all the structures, and there are often 2 or more new small passenger plane to carry scientist in and out secretly."

Long a source of fascination for alien hunters, 51 is believed to be the original site where extra-terrestrial wreckage and possible bodies from 1947’s supposed ‘Roswell’ crash were taken for testing. 

If it really is a downed and lost spaceship from long ago, how we bet the previous occupants wish they had Google Maps back then.

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