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Harrison Ford is definitely going to be in Blade Runner 2 with Ryan Gosling

It's happening at last

Harrison Ford is definitely going to be in Blade Runner 2 with Ryan Gosling

Is there more of a renaissance man in cinema right now than Harrison Ford?

Not that he ever went away, but he is currently enjoying something of an Indian summer to his film career after returning to the franchise that kicked it all off - Star Wars (reportedly earning £23m for it in the process) - involved in talks for another instalment of Indiana Jones, and now it's finally been confirmed that he will be starring in the long-awaited Blade Runner 2.

Considering the original was released in 1982, you could say they've somewhat taken their time with the sequel, but in the intervening years the film, which only originally achieved modest box office success, has become one of the most famous and influential sci-fi films ever made.

Alcon Entertainment has now announced that Ford will definitely be appearing as Rick Deckard, and will star alongside old handsome face himself, Ryan Gosling. Shooting will begin in July, with a release expected in 2017.

Meanwhile, Denis Villeneuve (Sicario, Prisoners) will be directing with a screenplay written by Hampton Fancher - who co-wrote the original - and Michael Green. The story will apparently be set 'several decades after the conclusion of the original', which was, of course, based on Philip K. Dick's 1968 novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Will it be any good? Well, we're fairly hopeful, but in the meantime, remind yourself of the excellence of the original below.

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