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25 style lessons you can learn from Ryan Gosling

From velvet suits to thick moustaches, Ryan Gosling has tried it all

25 style lessons you can learn from Ryan Gosling
19 August 2015

Even if you're one of those men who would rather jump into a fire than watch The Notebook, you've definitely seen at least one of Ryan Gosling's movies, whether Drive, The Place Beyond The Pines or Half Nelson.

But apart from being your girlfriend's favourite actor, he's also extremely stylish off the screen. See which 25 style lessons we've taken away from having a glimpse into Ryan's wardrobe...

Always accessorise

Ryan knows an all-black outfit isn't boring, as long as you add in a splash of colour somewhere - in this case, in his baseball cap, which also has the added benefit of hiding you from the paps, if you need that kind of thing.

Sportswear is cool

There's nothing wrong with wearing your sports jacket or hoodie to an important meeting, according to Ryan. If you adopt some meaningful hand gestures and a pensive look, that helps add to the air of seriousness, too.

Don't be afraid of facial hair

Honestly, if you feel like growing a handlebar moustache, just go for it. If it looks good on Ryan Gosling, it'll look great on you, right? Right?

Always dress well

So that when Madame Tussauds makes a really rather lifelike waxwork of your body, they'll dress it in a very sharp tux.

Who needs ties?

They are so unnecessary. All you need is a crisp white shirt, an elegant black suit and the smile of a man who knows he looks excellent. 

Roll up, roll up

Rolling up your sleeves till they basically aren't sleeves anymore isn't just something you used to do to make GSCE Maths seem more fun. According to Mr Gosling, it's a legitimate fashion statement, so who are we to disagree?

Airport chic is crucial

Celebrities never seem to be photographed more than when they're getting on or off a flight. Unfortunately, that means there's no traipsing through Heathrow in their onesies: airports are the most important time to shine. Remember, like Ryan, bring sunglasses, a nifty backpack and a classy outfit to be papped in.

Be yourself

Why be like all those other sheep and wear a suit to a premiere? Be yourself: if you want to wear dusty old boots, stained jeans and a bomber jacket, you do that.

Try a cream suit

Ryan could have showed up to yet another premiere in a classy black suit, sure. But why be boring when you can rock up in this memorable cream get-up instead?

...or a velvet suit...

When cream suits, too, become overdone, there's nothing like a velvet suit for making a statement. Accessorise it with a knitted tie and a knowing glance a la Gosling.

...or a brown suit

This could have all been a bit American Hustle, but as Ryan shows in this brown ensemble at the Gangster Squad premiere, if you're confident enough, you really can't go wrong. 

Retro elegance works

OK, so Ryan may have been playing a part when he wore this 1950s ensemble - but shouldn't more of us be embracing this vintage look? Minus the gun, of course. 

Loose T-shirts are the way forward

We get it, you got a gym membership so you want to buy a tight T-shirt to show off your new muscles. No. Just stop there. As proved by Ryan, sometimes modesty is key - a loose-fitting tee is the best way to dress down, when you're not on the red carpet that is.

Change your 'do

All right, so this bleached blonde look may not be your cup of tea, but you never know how good you might look if you stopped going to the same barber who's cut your hair since you were two and tried something different for a change.

A great backpack is everything

Forget the man purse, the shoulder bag or the giant holdall - take it back to basics with a great backpack. Reliable, sturdy and guaranteed to pep up any outfit, this particular bag of Ryan's is both classy and functional.

A great coat is everything

Forget the puffa jacket and don't even think of just wrapping a scarf around your neck and hoping for the best. Every man needs a proper, grown up coat - for weekdays, at least - just like this one.

Green could be your colour

Before you rule it out, just consider a deep olive green next time you're picking out a suit for the ten weddings you have to go to this summer. But be careful not to upstage the bride.

An apple a day...

In a life of hectic red carpet appearances and ridiculous on-screen costumes, sometimes it really is best to just kick back in a crumpled old jumper, long necklace and casual T-shirt. 

Denim default

When in doubt, wear jeans. It sounds simple, but so many people forget and try terrible, terrible things in their place. Seriously. Jeans, a tee and trainers. It's all you need for the rest of your life. 

If you're not sure about your outfit, clench your fists

We think the shiny checkered suit looks kind of cool. But Ryan obviously isn't sure - just look at those fists. Follow his lead if you're not sure about what you're wearing. Just try not to punch anyone.

Don't take yourself too seriously

Sleeveless tops, necklace and great watches are all very well - but the ultimate accessory is a sense of humour, as aptly demonstrated by Ryan when he noticed the paps. 

Show a flash of sock

Only if they're nice socks though. If they're holey or odd, keep them well out of sight. 

You don't always have to wear a shirt

You wear that Dadbod with pride. Ryan would want you to. 

Sleepwear is acceptable for festivals

Ryan Gosling once wore this very pyjama-esque top to the Cannes Film Festival, proving once and for all that comfort is more important than squeezing into last year's tuxedo. 

Let your hair down

Top button irritating you? Unbutton it. Bow tie feeling a bit tight? Let it hang around your neck like a scarf. When you're Ryan Gosling, anything goes. Even this display of nonchalance. Especially this display of nonchalance.