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Habits of the world's richest people

Habits of the world's richest people

Habits of the world's richest people
20 January 2014

What do 461,000 of Tokyo's population have in common?

They've all got at least $1 million sitting in the bank - more than any other country in the world.

Now while this chart, based on Thomas C Corley's study on the habits of rich and poor, makes for an informative read, it won't guarantee you becoming part of the six-zeroes club. We're sorry.

But, it could help you pick up some money-making habits. Why not try writing down your goals (67 percent of millionaires do it) or spending more of your time networking (79 percent spend over five hours a month meeting new people).

Failing that, you could always head to Portugal and try charming your way into wedlock with one of its female millionaires - 23.8 percent if its millionaires are women, the highest anywhere in the world. We're just going to stop watching reality TV and see if that makes an impact on our bank balance.

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