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15 grooming products that’ll keep you looking, feeling and smelling like a god

To celebrate National Grooming Day, we've rounded up the best in beard oils, creams, massages and more

15 grooming products that’ll keep you looking, feeling and smelling like a god

It's National Men's Grooming Day! We know you've been waiting for this day for some time now and must have all your presents wrapped neatly under the grooming tree, so let's go ahead and roundup the best products around that'll look after your skin, hair, teeth and more.

Whisky & honey body salt scrub

Thought stinking of booze was bad? Think again this warm and relaxing body scrub will smelling like a brewery in the best possible way.


Bear power anti-wrinkle cream

If you're new to men's grooming and need your products to look ultra masculine, go for this bear power anti-wrinkle face cream that'll leave you fresh face through organic ginseng and wild John’s wort.


All purpose day & night face balm

From dry skin to post-shave to soothing tattoos, this aloe and witch hazel based balm really is a multi-purpose grooming essential.


Anti-fatigue eye gel

Whether it's long nights at the office or multiple hangovers, this Clinique under-eye serum helps reduce puffiness while cooling and refreshing the appearance of tired eyes, and is small enough to carry around in your pocket.


Rum body wash

"No I haven't been drinking officer, it's just my body wash." This Malin + Goetz rum body wash featuring natural glycerin and protein amino acids for hydration is worth imprisonment.


Mobile massages

Don't trek out to a massage parlor like a chump, get them to come to you! Perfect 10 do aromatherapy and deep tissue massages right in the comfort of your own home, so you'll never have to do that awkwardly relaxed and dazed walk home again.

From £40

Cinnamon mint toothpaste

The delicious taste of cinnamon, all the benefits of professional toothpaste to fight tartar, plaque and decay. No longer will you cry and scream before bedtime anymore (we all do that, right?).


Express facial

Whether it’s the sun, drinking, smoking or general pollution, our skin goes through quite a lot on a daily basis, so cleanse, tone and hydrate your skin with a men’s facial at Murdock London.


Nose, ear and eyebrow trimmer

As we get older we start to get hair in places we don't want to. Instead of poking it back into the holes they're trying to escape from, regularly get rid of the buggers with this Philips trimmer.


Resurrection duet hand wash and balm

Your hands go through a lot. Go on and give them a sniff. Disgusting, right? Make your hands smell glorious with this Aesop duo with that boasts hints of lavender and citrus.


Brow threading

The best way to get rid of all those random hairs that show up all around your eyebrows for no apparent reason. Ted Baker's Grooming Room way is better (and way less painful) than your other half attacking you with a pair of tweezers every week.


Ted's Grooming Room Brow Threading Appointment Only from Teds Grooming Room on Vimeo.

Elliot straight razor box

This box by Murdock London contains a straight razor, shave cream, pre-shave oil, shave balm, flannel, Alum Bar & 20 Styptic Matches. Keep by your tool box and Xbox for ultra manliness.


Peppermint beard remedy

If you can't be bothered to constantly chew gum through the day like that spoiled brat from Willy Wonka, then try out this peppermint oil for a refreshing, cool scent for your beard.


Surf spray

If you crave for your hair to look tropically surf like even in the darkest depths of winter, this is your solution. This sea salt spray gives your hair a natural looking windswept, sun-dried texture.


Moulding cream

Want timeless looking hair like Steve McQueen (we presume you're nodding your head enthusiastically)? Then Pankhurst's premium haircare products are for you.