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Greggs have unveiled their own summer diet plan where you have to eat there four times a day

They reckon it'll help you lose weight

Greggs have unveiled their own summer diet plan where you have to eat there four times a day

Whisper it, but the pasty makers at Greggs have been at the forefront of an eating revolution this past year. Where the Newcastle bakery used to be known for cheap sausage rolls and festive bakes, recently Greggs have been experimenting with burritos, home delivery services and WhatsApp groups for VIP customers.

Basically, Greggs have their fingers in more pies than… a Greggs quality control specialist. 

The company’s latest plan was announced today, as Greggs rolled out their new ‘diet plan’ –  a food schedule which is intended to allow Greggs diners to enjoy classic baked treats and still lose weight – by eating there four times a day.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, let’s take a look at what it’s offering. 

Commissioned by independent dietitian Laura Clark, the Minimise Me plan outlines a seven-day food schedule, where people can get their three meals a day, plus a snack, from Greggs.

Designed following a month-long experiment involving four dieters, Greggs have said their dieters have collectively lost over two stone of weight and 14 inches from their waists in just 30 days by eating exclusively from the menu.

So what did the group including a bride-to-be from Stockport, a new mum, a sales rep and a teacher with a hectic lifestyle eat? A lot of tuna sandwiches, a couple egg breakfast rolls and the occasional sausage roll for lunch.

It seems that the Minimise Me plan was created for those looking to get “sexy for the summer”, with Greggs also revealing in a poll of 2,000 British adults that the beginning of July is time we all start start dieting. Most summer diets are also made with the intention to lose an average of eight pounds before jetting off on holiday.

So is Greggs the place to go No Carbs Before Marbs? Either way, this new plan is a lovely exploration into the new Greggs menu.