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Everything's going tits up on the new 'Great British Bake Off'

They all hate each other

Everything's going tits up on the new 'Great British Bake Off'

The new iteration of Great British Bake Off has not been plain sailing, has it? Viewers were initially upset by the move from BBC One to Channel Four, and then even more upset by the slightly left-field choices of hosts. Would Noel Fielding ever be able to replace the beloved Mel and Sue?! Will Prue Leith be a good Mary Berry stand in? Why… is Paul Hollywood?

And it seems like the line-up is proving to be a problem off-screen as well as on, if sources are to be believed.

Apparently the feeling backstage has “totally changed with the new line-up” because, to be blunt, Prue Leith thinks Paul Hollywood is a total arse.

This is over now. Cancelled. No more fun or joy here, lads

“Prue has told staff she can’t stand Paul,” The Sun reports. “Mary put up with him but Prue is much feistier.”  

Meanwhile, Noel Fielding is refusing to eat even a mouthful of cake because he’s worried about his figure, and Sandi Toksvig spends her time “knitting alone”. 

“Paul, Prue, Sandi and Noel sit in their personal spaces backstage and don’t talk to each other,” the source said. “Sandi in particular spends most of the time knitting alone and refusing to mix with the others.

“And, worst of all, Sandi does not seem to have any interest in the contestants off screen like Mel and Sue used to.”

Channel 4 have responded with a statement saying that the team “get on brilliantly and together have all the ingredients for a show-stopping series”. Which is way less juicy, so we don’t believe it. Sorry. 

It would be nice if Bake Off still turns out to be good, but also, we’re all kind of secretly hoping it’s shit aren’t we? It would be vindicating.

The show will air later this year.