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This guy's brilliant graphs will sum up your entire life

Every awkward bit of your life, perfectly described

This guy's brilliant graphs will sum up your entire life
30 August 2017

Watching a movie with your parents, the first day back at school after the summer break, giving your phone to someone who asks to look at a photo – just three of the most anxiety-inducing things that can happen in life to all of us. But just why do they bring out such terror in us? What’s the process going on throughout? How does it work?

Well, Matt Shirley must be some kind of psychologist-meets-soothsayer because every day he creates a graph which picks out a particular strand of life and perfectly converts it into graph form.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry but most of all you’ll think, “Yes that is indeed exactly what my life as adult is like compared to my life as a kid and that makes me deeply sad but also slightly happier that someone else understands the pointlessness of being a completely directionless grown-up”.

So thanks Matt – you should follow him on Instagram, and enjoy a selection of his excellent graphs below.

The cycle of adulthood

Being drunk vs. being a baby

The first day of school

How to dance well

Should you touch my phone?

Every Game of Thrones episode

Summer cycles

Game of Thrones vs. my life

The string cheese / serial killer Venn diagram

Grocery line anxiety chart

Every high school seating chart

Airplane seatmates


Commute cycle

The photo Venn diagram

Dating pools

Watching a movie with your parents

How long minutes feel

Sunday night