This brilliant gorilla training video is going viral

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Gary Ogden
This brilliant gorilla training video is going viral

Gorillas are not rubbish animals like locusts and hamsters, they are good animals like wombats and capybaras - I like gorillas. One of the reasons I like gorillas is because I feel like I could be mates with one - I feel a gorilla’s intelligence is just about on par with mine, and we’d make it work. Me and a big ape, shooting the shit and chatting shop.

Gorillas are essentially our cousins, aren’t they? They sort of understand us, and we sort of understand them - a notion that can be proved by a video that’s currently doing the round on the old net. It was taken at Busch Gardens (Florida’s greatest theme park, in case you were wondering), and involves animal care specialist Rachel Two (wearing a sick pair of LA Lights) building a ‘trusting relationship’ with Bolingo the gorilla, through a training session.

The trainers say “this type of training enables us to build trusting and positive relationships with the animals that call Busch Gardens Tampa Bay home” and to give give them “the most mentally and physically stimulating environment possible.”

Check it out below:

Beautiful cross-species stuff, this, and it leads me to one final conclusion: I would like a new gorilla friend please, and I would like one now.

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