Gorgeous Limited Edition Sony SteelBook Artwork


Yes, of course you've got Drive on DVD. You've nearly worn though your copy of Fifth Element and your copy of Leon has more scuffs than the pub's cue ball. All of which means you're totally within your rights to purchase a limited edition Blu-ray of a film you already own - doesn't it? 

Even if you've kept your DVD library in mint condition, you're going to be sorely tempted by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment's new collaboration with Gallery 1988. Re-releasing some classic titles on limited edition Blu-Ray in SteelBook packaging, the likes of Das Boot, District 9 and Easy Rider have received new cover art from some brilliant illustrators and artists.

Exclusive to the US retailer Best Buy, the series is set to go on sale in the US on 23 November. Best make some room on your shelves. 

Das Boot by Kevin Dart

District 9 by Dave Quiggle

Drive by Jeff Boyes

Dr. Strangelove by Rich Kelly

Easy Rider by DKNG Studios

The Fifth Element by Dan Mumford

Kung Fu Hustle by Anthony Petrie

Taxi Driver by James Flames

The Raid: Redemption by Phantom City Creative

Leon: The Professional by Jeff Boyes

Snatch by Anthony Petrie

Superbad by Joey Spiotto


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