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This Google Sheets hack will let you celebrate Pride in the nerdiest way ever

Here's a really great, gay little Easter egg for ya

This Google Sheets hack will let you celebrate Pride in the nerdiest way ever
12 June 2018

We’re officially in the gayest month of the year. No, it’s not October when us gays go all out with our most outrageous costumes, or August when the speedo-clad Instagram beach pics abound or even December, which is filled with those very suggestive Christmas songs. I mean, in what other season do you sing the lines “make the Yuletide gay” and “chest-NUTS roasting on an open fire”? I rest my gay case.

Nope, Pride month is actually in June and it’s for a very significant reason: it’s to coincide with the all-important Stonewall Riots in New York City in June 1969. The Stonewall Riots were an uprising against homophobic police raids on gay venues, led by gay activists such as Marsha P. Johnson, and they signaled the beginning of the LGBT+ civil rights movement.

The crowd resisting police outside the Stonewall Inn nightclub in New York on 28 June 1969 

And if you’re looking for a beautifully nerdy – yet simple – way to feel a little queerer this month, Google have just dropped a fun new Easter egg on their Google Sheets programme.

All you need to do is open Google Sheets, type the letter ‘P’ in cell A1, ‘R’ in cell B1, ‘I’ in cell C1 (and so on) and then – voila! Your boring spreadsheets are transformed into something incredibly colourful and super gay.

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And while you’re in the Pride mood, take a moment to remember that the LGBT+ community is today remembering the two-year anniversary of the Pulse gay nightclub shooting in Orlando in which 49 people were killed.

So why not do your bit for the LGBT+ community and donate to one of these excellent charities?

1. LGBTQ+ Community Centre - Help support countless LGBTQ+ people across London

2. Albert Kennedy Trust - the UK’s LGBT+ youth homelessness charity

3. AllOut – a group that helps LGBT+ people around the world

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